Key Industries

Automotive Workshops111

CRC Industries has an extensive range of technologically advanced products which have been specifically targeted to meet the needs of the automotive workshop.

Automotive Enthusiast

Our different brands from CRC, So Easy, RE-PO through to our iconic KITTEN are scientifically manufactured to cater to the needs of the automotive enthusiast.The diverse range extends from polishes, wheel cleaners, protectants through to washer additives.

Industrial / Electrical

Our diverse range of industrial and electrical products are designed to meet most maintenance and repair applications.


Our range of marine products is specifically catered for a range of demands; from the maintenance of your marine inboard and outboard motors to the corrosion protection of your tackle.

Food and Beverage

CRC has innovative food & beverage solutions for when quality, safety and performance counts.

Mining / Oil and Gas

In manufacturing our range of products for the Mining Industry, CRC has successfully anticipated and adapted to changing regulations. We ensure that our family of bulk and non-chlorinated products remain compliant in today's regulatory environment.




CRC Industries' approval documents adhere to the most stringent conformity of compliance. Our SDS documentation are GHS compliant. We constantly conduct on-going updates to ensure you remain at the highest level of regulatory compliance

Registered Training Organisation

CRC Industries Australia is proud to be awarded ISO 9001 certification, an internationally recognised standard that ensures that our products meet the needs of our customers through an effective quality management system.

Catalogues and Brochures

Click here to find out more about CRC Industries' comprehensive range of catalogues, product brochures and flyers.These have been designed to provide crucial information for product application in different industries.