Di-Electric Grease
Waterproofer and Insulator for electrical connections
CRC Leak Detector
Formulated for the quick detection of gas and air leaks.
CRC Red Gasket
CRC Red RTV Gasket 340 is formulated for heavy duty, high temperature applications with an intermittent service temperature of up to 340ºC.
FiberLock Head Gasket Repair - NEW
Fiberlock Head Gasket and Block Repair is easy to use and permanently repairs cracks in head gaskets, engine blocks, intake gaskets, cylinder heads, heater cores, freeze plugs and radiators. This product is compatible with all types of anti-freeze and attacks leaks using three unique technologies: Military-Strength Fibers Nanotechnology Coo-X Conditioner
Anti Spatter for Welding
Prevents spatter from adhering to surrounding metal surfaces during welding.
Starts engines instantly
Pump Applicator
A solid sprayer with durable seals. Spray pattern is continous and adjustable. Compatible with most CRC Cleaners and Degreasers
Heavy Duty Spray Applicators
Heavy Duty Spray Applicators
Belt Grip
Specially developed to meet the demand for a true industrial, automotive and food grade belt.
Minute Mend Epoxy Putty
One minute permanent emergency repairs
Sta-Lube Gear Oil Dispensing Pump
The easy way to dispense gear oil, power steering fluid, hydraulic and compressor oil
Sta-Lube Synthetic Brake Caliper Grease
A specially formulated synthetic grease
Sta-Lube Anti-Sieze Engine Assembly Lube
Specially formulated for sliding or rotational contact surfaces
Maniseal Exhaust Cement
Seals in all noxious fumes- contains no asbestos
Maniseal Exhaust Cement
CRC Smoke Test conveniently tests the functional ability of a smoke detector.