Salt Terminator
Dissolves salt and leaves a protective coating to inhibit corrosion. Essential as a motor flush for marine engines in both saltwater and freshwater enironments.
CRC Rust Converter
CRC Rust Converter neutralises rust and transforms it to a tough black primer that binds to the surface and provides a waterproof barrier for effective long lasting rust protection.
Battery Terminal Protector
Instant protection against battery terminal corrosion
Battery Maintenance
Penetrates, loosens and neutralises all acid corrosion deposits
Long Life
Superior lubrication with long term rust protection
Soft Seal
A petroleum based long term indoor / outdoor corrosion inhibitor
Bright Zinc
CRC Bright Zinc is a quick drying, zinc rich coating. It is formulated to provide superior corrosion protection compared to standard paint systems, and dries to the colour of new galvanising.
Zinc It
Galvanic Rust Prevention
Coloured Zincs
Quick drying, primer-less finish, shiny coat for metal protection
Urethane Seal Coat
Electrical / electronic insulator
Red Urethane
Protects electric motors and armature windings
Lectra Shield
Heavy duty film Electrical long term protection
Anti-Corrosion Light Dry Film
Light Dry Film Corrosion Inhibitor
Anti-Corrosion Light Wet Film
Anti-Corrosion Light Wet Film, non-drying and penetrating
Anti-Corrosion Heavy Wet Film
Heavy, clean oily film that penetrates to drive out moisture.
Anti-Corrosion Heavy Wax Film
Heavy Wax Compound that is a long term indoor/outdoor corrosion inhibitor.
CRC Stainless Steel Re-Nu
CRC Stainless Steel Re-Nu is a coating containing 316L Stainless Steel pigment to provide corrosion resistance. Dries quickly to a satin sheen finish.