KITTEN Mud Buster Heavy Duty Car Wash - NEW
This heavy duty car wash provides exceptional cleaning that removes the toughest dirt and grime from all surfaces.
KITTEN Interior Cleaner
KITTEN Interior Cleaner cleans and deodorises a variety of surfaces in the car, boat or home.
KITTEN Bug and Tar Remover - NEW
KITTEN Bug and Tar Remover quickly penetrates to assist removal and leaves a glossy shine that helps repel future bugs, tar and grime.
The premium foaming gel safely loosens, lifts and removes dirt and road grime, leaving a brilliant shine.
Liquid Armour Protectant
Penetrates, protects, preserves and beautifies
KITTEN ULTRA Glass Cleaner
KITTEN ULTRA Glass Cleaner:A sparkling streak free finish
Auto Kolone
A fresh clean fragrance that lasts
RE-PO Extra Cut Liquid Polish
This polish safely restores a deep rich gloss to dull or faded paintwork.
RE-PO Liquid Polish
This polish is designed and manufactured from a blend of top grade silicone and carnauba wax.
Re-Po Water Rubbing Compound
Specifically formulated for restoring badly weathered surfaces prior to polishing.
Re-PO Kromebrite
A liquid chrome like enamel
Re-Po Paint Doctor
Removes scuffs and stains
Re-Po Cream Polish
This polish gives a deep rich gloss to new and well-maintained vehicles
Re-Po Extra Cut Cream Polish
Can be used on dull or faded paint work to safely restore a deep rich gloss
Re-Po Auto Polish & Cleaner
Versatile, easy, no nonsense car polish and cleaner.
So Easy 'Only Wheels' Foaming Wheel cleaner
Acid free, foaming wheel cleaner. Restores the original clean finish of all wheels.
So Easy Wet Look Tyre Shine
The simplest and most effective way to shine tyres, mudflaps and bumpers.
So Easy One Step Tyre Care
One Step Tyre Care - Simply spray on to clean and protect tyres