CRC Glass Cleaner
CRC Glass Cleaner uses a residue-free formula and is versatile and safe enough to use on your most delicate glass surfaces.
Perfect for all automotive, marine, hobby and household applications.
KITTEN Paint Doctor contains fine polishing compounds, premium Carnauba wax and superior fluids to remove any imperfections.
Use on vehicles, boats and buildings, shower doors, mirrors, glass balustrades, gas and wood fireplace glass, aquarium and terrarium glass
Removes discolouration, stains, light scratches and hazing.
FiberLock Head Gasket Repair - NEW
Fiberlock Head Gasket and Block Repair is easy to use and permanently repairs cracks in head gaskets, engine blocks, intake gaskets, cylinder heads, heater cores, freeze plugs and radiators. This product is compatible with all types of anti-freeze and attacks leaks using three unique technologies: Military-Strength Fibers Nanotechnology Coo-X Conditioner
Kitten Cream Polishing Wax No 1
Brings a brilliant shine to surfaces in reasonably good condition.
Kitten Cream Cut & Polish No 2
Designed to rejuvenate paintwork that's in poor or heavily weathered condition.
Kitten Liquid Polishing Wax
Creates a brilliant shine that lasts for months
Kitten Liquid Cut & Polish
Rejuvenates paintwork that's in poor or heavily weathered condition
Kitten Cutting Compound
Useful for removing old waxes, tar and scratches
Kitten Glo-Wash
Specially designed to keep your car looking in showroom condition
Kitten Wash'n' Wax
A two-in-one product which leaves a wax coating on your car.
Kitten Interior Protector
Protects surfaces in your car, boat and in the house
Kitten Glass Cleaner
Kitten Glass Cleaner is ideal for windscreens, windows and mirrors
Kitten Wheel Cleaner
For use on all types of aluminium and alloy wheels.
Kitten Tyre Black
Makes tyres, black rubber, car mats and mud flaps look like new again